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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> see what's happening this instant from the eyewitness news center, eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. anna: the sun is out but
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joel: chopper 11 spent the day surveying the damage. the damage is all over but a huge concentration is located here in granville county. a confirmed tornado is responsible for the destruction. anna: heather while ago was there. she returns today touring the damage and spoke to people whose lives are forever changed. looking at those shots our hearts go out to those people. some lost everything. they are behind you even. >> cleanup could take several weeks. maybe several months. this is all that is left of the entire backside of the house. you can see part of the roof dangling from the tree and the front door also blown off. he and his neighbors said the
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through this rubble trying to find anything. the national weather service that the better part of the day trying to survey the damage and tornado -- determine the tornado path. several homes were damaged including a dairy farm down the street that has been around since the 1940's. also among the damage, a cattle farm. three of the owners cows were killed. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. today rick mcwilliams and his wife are counting their blessings as they sort through the debris. >> we have stopped and looked at what could have been. if he had been home he would not have lived through it. he would not have known to go through the bathroom. he would never have known there
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this. there is no point. anchor: that is where a lot of neighbors are saying. he said the better part of the day searching for a charger for one of his implants. just across the way, a similar story. neighbors and friends spent the day to help this elderly homeowner. they also spent much of the day looking for anything valuable. some trees took down power lines. our crews are working to get the lights back on in this neighborhood. amazing. we are seeing similar scenes in durham this afternoon. the high wind knocked down
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the cleanup now underway. tim is in the durham storm zone for us with an update on the cleanup. >> it has been a busy day here. take a look. you can see the tree is no longer on top of this car. you can see crews have grounded -- grind it up the stump in front of the yard. very busy for neighbors here. tree removal crews were chopping and grinding. insurance companies were out here assessing damages. one neighbor had to trees leaning towards his home. he spent the day making calls to get them removed. >> this the first time hanging out around the house. usually something happens or doesn't happen. it is stressful to have it
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-- a wild -- a while. the national weather service is going to be here to see what kind of damage was here caused by the storm. we are live here in durham. joel: thank you. let's talk about the weather as it stands. the weather, not much of an issue today but high wind gusts making things tricky. anna: crispin his they assessing the damage. we saw the video he had. what are your thoughts? >> it is one thing when we are here in the office talking about these tornado warnings. advising folks to go out and see what folks actually went through in an instant. lives just upended.
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things just turned upside down on an instant. this lady's husband went out for dog food he didn't need. something made him do that. he is alive today she is convinced because of that. where it started. massive damage in that small area. you can tell by the damage the tornado. just your hearts go out to these folks. they were so gracious to take their time to talk to us over and over again. they are still talking to us and being as kind as they can be. we wish them well. 51 now. that tornado went near the airport. we lost the data there.
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a calmer day but the blustery wind continues up to 30, 35 miles per hour. temperatures fall by midnight. good news is we are in for a long stretch of quiet weather. we tell you about that coming up. anna: an important lesson for parents and children about fighting the urge to capture everything that happens on your cell phone. we are gall -- we are all guilty. two students got in trouble using cameras as tools. what is going on there? greg: here at the school board school officials say it is all about reading the book. it is all spelled out right here in the school system book and manual of student code of conduct. it prohibits unauthorized
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school but it is a policy a been paying attention to. a ninth grader was suspended after he reported a school -- recorded a school fight. they say the policy doesn't justify the way he was roughed up by a school security officer who went overboard. ironically this is another student's cell phone video of the safety officer confronting taylor. he recorded a fight during a class change on his cell phone. several teachers and school officials were called to the fight. one of them saw what he was doing, ran over, grabbed his cell phone and then roughed him up. >> i understand teachers have a long time but you don't put your hands on other people's kids.
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came into your home and slammed your kids around. reporter: taylor's mom said her son was roughed up, he had bruises, cups and scratches, and a sprained wrist because of the confrontation. she is planning to file charges. she says so far there have been no other reports of any students being disciplined even though she says another student did record the school five. so far he has not been punished. the superintendent here had no comments today he said they are investigating the incident. it's a good lesson for all of us. read the book. joel: live in fayetteville for us, thank you.
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make sure a startling shooting doesn't turn cold. they conducted a door-to-door canvass today. a 72-year-old grandmother was shot earlier this month inside of her home. the share of's office is looking for potential gunman involved in the shooting. anna: charges filed in the crash that battered and bruised cyclists on a weekend ride. investigators say she tried to pass for cyclists while navigating a curve. joel: the 12 yard had a minor crash on his bike this morning. he was riding in morehead avenue when he bumped into a stopped car. it happened just after 9:30. no one was seriously injured. anna: accusations of a cover of from capitol hill. the company responsible for the largest recall in history faked
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joel: a debate flaring up in cary tonight. the decision that could help bring another public's. why some continue to say not in their backyard. anna: a quick trip turns into a nightmare for a mother. why her twin babies ended up crying in bushes on the side of the road. first, let's go outside. check out the wind. we always talk about how windy it is. it is not usually that windy. this is the calm after the storm .
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>> republicans debate as democrats headanna: the grocery store debate back in the spotlight tonight in cary. the proposal gets stiff resistance from residents living in and around the area. they are concerned about traffic and other issues. the council will discuss a change to a rezoning request at its meeting tonight. they are still a few months away from a decision. a topic for discussion lately, they will talk about it tonight in cary.
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amendment to the dangerous dog ordinance to show consistency with the new state statute related to tethering of dogs. takata airbags is getting slammed with new serious allegations. the claims come from capitol hill. lawmakers accuse them of faking test results to cover up the exploding airbag issue. a report cites documents in the past 12 years showing officials argue data on the quality and testing was manipulated to hide the problems. the government says the airbags could explode sending metal fragments flying which can cause serious injury or death. the recall now involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. brian sandoval pulls his name out of the supreme court justice nomination hat.
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house he does not wish to be considered at this time. he says he expressed the same things to harry reid and mitch mcconnell. he says the notion to be considered is humbling. he suggested him as a potential nominee. the white house was vetting him. joel: five republican still in the running making final preparations tonight for the big debate. the city of houston playing host to the debate, donald trump will be getting the center podium. it takeswhen several states will host primary elections. the former presidential nominee hinting there could be a bombshell of donald trump's tax returns. relief for a houston mother today. her car was stolen from a gas station.
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anna: the scene of the crime, this convenience store. three men jumped in and drove off. that started a manhunt. 45 minutes later both children were found screaming in some bushes on the side of the road. >> they did appear to be ok. we have them checked out by the fire department. anna: police are trying to track down the three men this afternoon but they got to the most important thing. those babies. joel: we heard terrifying stories back here at home in the midst of that tornado. chris had a chance to go out there today. when i was looking at that it would have been nice to talk to you. seeing those trees twisted at the top, it seemed like a sure signature.
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you look at that damage. it is all going in different directions over a short distance which is a clear sign of a tornado. not straight lined wins. -- straight-line winds. when he came back a tornado had hit and destroyed his house. we didn't tell you how the dog is. the dog was fine. it took some time to get him out of the rubble but he's going to be ok. we've had our first tornado of the season. hopefully it will be the last. this is a map of the frequency of tornadoes. if there is a tornado alley it is along the i-95 corridor. it tapers off dramatically. notice the area of least frequency here of tornadoes in
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the lowest is around granville and vance counties. typically we see more of them to the south and east. there is more energy sometimes area and moisture coming in off the atlantic. the was a tornado in wayne county. rdu airport still breezy. 52 degrees, 35 in spots. northwest wind that 10. 51 in cary. 50 tonight deal. holly springs at 52. 49 in south hill. a chilly 50 in roxboro. not nearly as warm as yesterday but a quieter afternoon and what we had yesterday. clouds came our way but it gets harmless clouds.
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trouble yesterday marching into the atlantic but the wraparound moisture is spreading some snow showers down as far south as our mountains. temperatures around 30 near the virginia border. the wind will still be rather gusty. clear skies, bundle up and be on the cold side. 39 by 9:00. we could still see a wind gust up to 15-20 miles per hour at times. the weekend. cold into the 20's. a gorgeous weekend. still chilly saturday. the high shifts to the east. a big warm up gets underway. upper 40's.
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mostly sunny skies through much of the day tomorrow. your seven-day forecast down to 27 tomorrow night. sunny, 61. mid-upper 60's early next week. a cold front could bring a showers wednesday. we are getting to that time of year again. until then the shower chance looks great with several quiet and warmer days. anchor: a lot of folks have significant cleanup and will appreciate the good weather. anna: breaking news coming in from north wake county. a serious crash. >> it shut down an intersection. we have chopper 11 overhead. take a look. that red car, that involved is
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we are working the forms here. that intersection is shut down as the investigation continues. >> a story we will keep our eye on. a dramatic rescue caught on video. why one icebreaker is in need of rescuing tonight. anchor: stick around for this new information. joel: and kicked off, why this
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booted from a>> abc 11 keeping you connected. find us on facebook. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news at dates. joel: the chief executive of sea world admitting today a company employees by opponents. the board of directors
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peter accused -- peta accuse year. anna: marijuana related er visits rose in colorado. according to research published in the new england medicine journal, they are increasing among out-of-state visitors. er visits at 100 hospitals in 2012 to 2014, voters approved retail pot. out-of-state visit trips rose 109%. residents rose 44%. more education is needed for consumers at pot retailers.
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members were able to safely make it back to the beach. anchor: a flight turned into a nightmare for one arizona family and now they are speaking out. his seven-year-old son started
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dog on the plane while he was boarding. the flight attendant moved into the back of the plane to get away from the animal but were ultimately kicked off of the flight. passengers reacted with a round of applause. >> one of them had a dog. and said no way i'm not getting off the plane. so we got booted off the plane. joel: people were clapping and laughing as they got off the plane. what passengers didn't know, the father has terminal cancer. he was making a trip to see his family. he is not sure how long he has left. anna: he has stage for throat cancer. this is one of those look at list trips. you don't know what people are going through. be kind, be nice.
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joel: we all get impatient when we are traveling but we can't forget about compassion. anna: dozens of job cut's are coming to the triangle. >> some may call them a modern-day bonnie and clyde. it has been an wife charged with bank robbery facing a judge here this afternoon. anna: ambush. a man who makes it his mission to help at risk youth comes garage.
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tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. joel: let's get back to breaking news.
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wreck between that car and the white truck. that is behind the fire truck. those cars collided on this roseville street. one prison is confirmed dead. we lost our signal from chopper 11 hd. we will soon update you on that. anna: a 15-year-old arrested for robbing and bugging a man in a downtown durham parking lot. joel: police are still working was involved. all of this.
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men. he is angry but calls it ironic
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a kerry has been and why will sleep under the same roof. not together. robbery charges. anna: apex police say the couple tried to rob the wells fargo bank at beaver creek. live at the wake county justice center. do they know if they got loose? reporter: the man got $2500 but he was arrested before he left the bank. >> you are charged with the class c felony of robbery. reporter: aaron wagner came to court in a jail justice -- jumpsuit. he came to this wells fargo branch in apex after they were notified of a robbery in progress. he was arrested. his wife was waiting for him but
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hannah wagner was arrested later. it appears they may live here alone. no one came to the door. none of the neighbors knew the couple. both the wagner's are scheduled to be back here in court on st. patrick's day. the husband is being held on $75,000 bond. joel: thank you. in the meantime more than 200 counterfeit gift cards and equipment to make them. probably police charge mark green. the cards were made to look like they were from various banks. green is in the wake county jail this afternoon. >> quieter today. that will be some siding --
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the wind will gradually died down but grab a jacket. temperatures fall to the 40's. we end up in the low and mid 30's. 49 at south hill. roxboro down to a cool 48. tomorrow morning, temperatures around 30-35. by noon it will not be as windy as it was today. a nice friday to kickoff the weekend. a little on the cool side. 40 forecast into the weekend we go. cold start at 27. into the 60's sunday and monday. another taste of spring coming back are away. anna: bring it. thank you. a durham schoolteacher just won a grammy. he was in the middle with
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>> he teaches music at the north carolina school of music and science and math. >> music education, music ensembles, the only activity where students are asked to use their entire brains. the left side and the right side . objectively and from a creative standpoint. reporter: he teaches them how to be better people. >> music is the tool we use to teach students how to be productive students and -- enhance their quality of life as they move into adulthood. >> i really tried to work to know my students and know what is going on in their life outside of that rehearsal. >> he's concerned about the
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the average music teacher last three years. he created a program for new band teacher's and inspire them. he's help direct thousands of lives and he won a grammy for best music educator. >> he has taught band and choir for 27 years. he's here tonight. congratulations. we appreciate you. >> for every artist that makes it to the stage, a teacher like philip riggs played a critical role in getting them there. >> he one out of 4500 other teacher nominations from all 50 states. a former student who is now a middle school band teacher nominated him. he taught students to be inspirations.
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workforce. the company cutting 100 jobs. they are -- there are 1000 employees here in rtp. 100 jobs are among the 140 positions being cut in north america. they are also cutting positions in europe. the job cut's will happen by the end of the year. kohl's is getting ready to close 18 under performing stores. the retailer says the move is necessary to meet the needs of its online customers. the ceo says the store closures represent 1% of the company. anna: one bad apple can spoil the bunch but apple got some rotten news about the iwatch. joel: wait for, you know what
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anna: and forget trying to fight for a beauty appointment. we introduce you to a new app that will give you the glow you are after. joel: first a live look to the eyewitness news center. wind blowing away. look at that peaking in between. good old-fashioned sunshine. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve,
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woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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anna: do you know what time it is? ask someone in wake forest. the wake county town just unveiled its new 14 foot tall street clock. it's at the intersection of south white street in front of the cotton company. the clock cost $26,000 and the city used extra cash from a loan. joel: from sour news from apple. the apple watch was not a popular stocking stuffer apple hoped for. they do not disclose watch sales but according to a new report apple shipped about 4.1 million during the last three months of 2015. the apple ceo told analysts they were convinced it would be one
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the cheapest apple watch costs $349. apple had no comment. whether you are super busy, a stay-at-home parent or someone scrambling to make a last-minute beauty appointment there is an app for that. anna: how it works and how you get a deal. >> nancy is the ultimate multitasker. she is a cheap external affairs officer and travel to washington dc for appointments in the white house. you can imagine it's hard. >> there is no appointment available. >> as the artist gets to work she is getting her own work done in her old city office.
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reporter: mainstream launch five months ago. they wanted to give people their time back. >> it is the cooper for beauty. reporter: professionals are on demand and will meet you were ever in 45 minutes or less. >> we have board rooms, we have actually someone flew in from chicago and ordered a manicure at the airport. reporter: she gets a lot of calls during nap time. >> they love it. they can't leave with their kids. it is easy for them. reporter: time is money. >> i have an important meeting. i like to do a little cleanup around the ears. reporter: he is squeezing it in minutes before the meeting.
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it is beauty and grooming on demand. anna: beauty and grooming on demand. mainstream is up and running and 22 u.s. cities. if you prefer the feel of a real salon, you can use the app to look those appointments as well. joel: i'm officially curious. anna: that is nice. it is busy. never too busy to groom. joel: we are getting new information on the new cases of mumps in the state. he will tell you how many cases have been confirmed and where they are under investigation. anna: see where the president got his first job. and what the vice president will be doing with lady gaga this weekend. joel: and where the k cups are getting banned.
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yesterday. it is chilly.
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anna: washington and hollywood bowl combine to combat sexual assault. the vice president and his wife will attend the oscar awards in hollywood. he will introduce lady gaga and make a call for sexual assault awareness. lady gaga will perform her best original song. it was nominated for the hunting ground. it discusses sexual assault on school campuses. biden is an advocate for combating campus violence. joel: jennifer lawrence takes the crown for this year's highest-paid oscar nominee. she earned $52 million between 2014 and 2015. her nomination as her fourth. she is the youngest person with four nominations. she won best actress for silver
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speaking of oscar sunday, unless you have a ticket the only place you can see the clamor and glitz is here on abc 11. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. download the watch abc weather app. anna: everyone be talking about it. you'll get a delicious cup of espresso if you visit germany's second largest city. the first place in the world to ban single use coffee pot. they hold a single serving of coffee and norman made because they create unnecessary waste. government officers banned bottled water and plastic cutlery.
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now to steve daniels with a look at what's ahead at the top of the hour. steve: it is getting busy. we have chopper 11 hd over a reported bank robbery. piecing together the details. we have been following northern wake county. we've been on the scene of a deadly crash at mitchell mill road. we will have those breaking stories. this tornado hit oxford. heather walk-up back on the scene talking to storm victims as they pick up the pieces. chris is the storm center on a windy evening. reporter: when the storm sets it looks to be a less blustery day. steve: we will see you same. the fedex truck out of control, swerving all over the road, jumping the median. what was that guys excuse when he got off the road?
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this. why they could not arrest him. anna: i want to hear his excuse. thank you. president obama reminiscing about his first job. he posted about his first summer job on linkedin. he worked at a baskin-robbins. he also announced a new program to help young people experience their first job. the summer opportunity brings together community leaders and private businesses to increase summer programs. administration plans to start new ways to support summer programs like americorps. anna: what do you have when you have -- joel: you get an internet sensation. that is what this young boy has become. he was pictured in the plastic
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he can trade in his homemade jersey with a more authentic one. they teamed up with the soccer superstar to give him autograph jerseys and a signed ball. the boy's father says it was one of the happiest moments in his son's life. he looks like a proud of five-year-old. anna: his ball had a hole in it and he was still kicking it around. can you imagine? joel: in just minutes a look at the big headlines around the state including a hit and run crash that injured a young boy. anna: and a crash after a
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thesett0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->: tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d tt0w!ti"hz% )8h-xf8 tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% 0ph-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@ tt0w!ti"hz% 7hh-!54 anna: powerful pictures right now, an suv and a ball of fire. a 31-year-old died at the scene. he was driving a motorcycle when an suv turned in front of him. it hit the side of the suv and started the fire. joel: now to dobson where a driver hit and critically injured a 15-year-old boy. it happen in front of the restaurant. a second child also suffered minor injuries. anna: an update on the mumps cases. 12 cases across mecklenburg are confirmed. three cases are confirmed while others are probable. two cases were linked to the corporate headquarters. joel: hillary clinton getting a big endorsement in south
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harry reid telling cnn he is all in for the former secretary of state. mr. clinton held a get out the vote event. anna: fans will have a new scoreboard experience. it will be one of the largest in the mba. fans take a look at the plan. it will be 180% warmer than the current one. joel: take a look at this cute picture. getting a time on the beach. this is estimated to be forfeit long. we told after 30 minutes, they will return to the water to roll around. anna: 30 years ago there were no
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duke university marine biologist or trying to find out what they are doing here. we are continuing to gather stories emerging from the tornado and storm damage across the viewing area. >> it looks like something from a war zone. >> storm aftermath. a dozen homes destroyed. dramatic images as they start to pick up the pieces. new details about just how powerful the tornado was. reporter: drama at sea. a fishing boat at trouble. slant by huge waves. the latest just in. >> out of control. a fedex truck swerving across the road.
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>> just pull over. what authorities are saying caused the wild scene. anchor: we begin with the tornado aftermath. >> i'm steve daniels. we have chopper 11 hd up in the air overhead for a new view of the damage. it is just as bad as we first thought as we arrived on the scene. tisha: the official report is not yet released but they say it was a tornado with wind in excess of 100 miles per hour. a dozen homes are seeing significant damage. the bull's-eye for the storm, hunts borough road. the first reporter on the scene is there now with the aftermath. >> now the cleanup begins. this is a community effort. family, friends and neighbors pitching in to help.


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